Sunday, September 6, 2020

In Yellow

A  L  O  H  A !
The truth is outside

of all fixed patterns.

Bruce Lee

Circumstances are the 

rulers of the weak; 

they are but the 

instruments of

the wise.

      Samuel Lover

More smiling, 

less worrying. 

More compassion, 

less judgment. 

More blessed, 

less stressed. 

More love

less hate.

 Roy T. Bennett

The greatest deception 

we suffer is from

our own opinions.

        Leonardo da Vinci

Don't be pushed around 

by the fears in your mind. 

Be led by the dreams 

in your heart.

     Roy T. Bennett


Isn't it a pleasure 
when you have the chance 
to admit that you were wrong 
especially to those closest to you! 

No it's not. 
No one likes to be wrong, 
even though it is the 
road to  self improvement. 

Most of us prefer to believe 
narrative in which our 
wrongness ultimately brings us 
to the right choice.

No one likes to linger 
in being wrong. 

So this election season, 
do not argue with your 
opposing friends. 
That only makes them 
defend their former stance 
even as they begin to doubt it. 

Instead welcome them 
as friends and share 
as much commonality 
as you can. 
Don't pester them 
to vote your way. 
Just embody the 
happy warrior 
that you are and 
they will want to join!

Arguing about what 
their guy has done wrong
is pointless.

Red means hate.

Green means go 
over your opposition.

Yellow means
the middle way
of caution and 

Steady as we go.

Above All:

Be FOR Something:

V O T E !

Love You!
                               cloudia & pixie