Saturday, April 23, 2022


A L O H A From Honolulu!

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Sing with your voices,
your hearts, your
lips and your lives.
Augustine Of Hippo

"Breadfruit is monoecious
with male and female flowers
developing on the same
tree at the end of branches.
The male inflorescence (flower)
typically appears first.
It is club shaped,
ranging from 10 cm
to 45 cm long...

...Each breadfruit is a compound
or multiple fruit called a syncarp.
The female inflorescence,
appearing after the male,
consists of 1500-2000
minute flowers attached
to a spongy core.
The flowers fuse together
and develop into the fleshy,
edible portion of the fruit."
National Tropical Botanical Garden

Crown Flowers

"The crown flower has
blossoms that are used
in lei-making. Crown
flower leis have
royal symbolism.
The blossom's petals
roll back and expose
what looks like
a small crown. This
flower was a favorite
of Queen Liliuokalani
Hawaii's last queen."

Altocumulus Undulatus

Helpful acts are the
good that love does.

I would not enter
in my list of friends,
Who needlessly sets
foot upon a worm.
An inadvertent step
may crush the snail
That crawls at evening
in the public path,
But he has the
humanity, forewarned,
Will tread aside, and
let the reptile live. William Cowper

Everyone was a rose
but even more complex
than a mere flower.
Everyone was made up
of infinitely layered petals.
And everyone had something
indescribably precious at
the heart of their being. No one was shallow.
Not really. Mary Balogh

We Love You,
Pixie & Cloudia


Hawaiian Voyaging Canoes & Houses
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