Saturday, February 13, 2021

Happy Year Of The OX

A  L  O  H  A  !
The world is full 

of magical things 

patiently waiting 

for our wits to 

grow sharper.

           Bertrand Russell

Practicing for the Lion Dance

We learn by practice. 

Whether it means to 

learn to dance by 

practicing dancing or to 

learn to live by 

practicing living, 

the principles are the same. 

One becomes in some area 

an athlete of God.

Martha Graham

This year, we can not gather

in the crowded streets,

rubbing shoulders, 

enveloped in smoke

and sound!

Red Lanterns

and graceful dancers

will live in our memory!

I cannot buy my OX T-Shirts,

or lucky calligraphy, 


gorge on Jian Dui 

and noodles!

Not this year.

Hot, Oily Jian Dui!

Thrashing Dragon!

Stand   Off!

No throngs around

the Shinto shrines

and temples. . .

. . . Not this year.

I wish you abundance,

Health and Wealth!

Let's Celebrate New Beginnings
each in our own way!

Practice rather 

than preach.

Make of your life an 

affirmation, defined by 

your ideals, not the 

negation of others.

Alexander Haig

Everything we do 

is practice for 

something greater than 

where we currently are.

Adam Kirk Smith


We Love You,

Xīnnián hǎo

Happy New Year!

                     Cloudia & Pixie

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