Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Greater Part

 A   L   O   H   A  !

Dad always insisted

that he remembered

the first thing he ever saw:

"I was in my crib, 
opened my eyes,
and saw a telephone pole
outside the window."

Appropriate for a city boy.

But we teased him 

about the entire premise. 

How could anyone have 

a memory like that?

Now that Dad has passed on

by several winters, I find myself

perversely glad that he did not

have to live through a 

world wide pandemic.

WWII was enough 

global disruption

for any life. 

His story?

Oh I believe it now. 

Or perhaps

I just believe

the memory itself.

"Love leaves a memory 

no one can steal."

A Headstone in Ireland

Thanks to a benevolent 

arrangement of things, 

the greater part of

life is sunshine.

          Thomas Jefferson


Each of You Brings 
Your Own Meaning.
It is our privilege
to Greet You!
                   Cloudia & Pixie

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