Saturday, February 12, 2022

Not Count The Years

 A L O H A From Honolulu!
Life is far too
important a thing
ever to talk
seriously about.
       Oscar Wilde

I restore myself
when I'm alone.
 Marilyn Monroe

Expect the best!
Save yourself
the wear & tear.
Then if the
worst happens
you will have the
resources to handle it,
not the exhaustion
of the self-defeated.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles
like this one
have endured since
the dinosaurs.
This one was seen on Oahu's
North Shore by my friend
         Mike Price

Let us know the
happiness time brings, 
not count the years.
         Ausonius Link


Here's something I like to do:
Look at some news stories
from a few years back.

I ask myself
"Is THAT what all the
worry was about?!"
Looks smaller in
the rear view.

And it always does.

Today is just the same.

In retrospect
it will make beautiful
and good sense.

Love You,
  Cloudia & Me, [Pixie]

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