Thursday, March 19, 2020

Every Storm Runs Out of Rain

A   L   O   H   A  !
The important thing is this: 
To be able at any moment to 
sacrifice what we are 
for what we could become. 
   Charles DuBois

Where your fear is, 
there is your task. 
Carl Jung

No one alive
has experienced this.
1919 was last time.

Previous emergencies
have been limited to 
a place, a city, a region.

But this is world wide.
Every person in the world
on the same page.

As JFK pointed out:
what we share, is that
we all breathe.

So take a breath.
This WILL end.
Make the best of
the time we have
to think, to create,
to share, and to love - 
even if physically apart.

Tough Times Don't Last
Loving, Kind People DO.
Be loving and kind
to yourself.

That alone will counteract
panic in the atmosphere.
One point of light.

We All Breathe.
Onward to Elections,
and tomorrow!

Nice  Physical Distancing!

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Love You!