Sunday, October 11, 2020

Not So Secret Sunday

 A  L  O  H  A  !

If you look the right way, 

you can see that the 

whole world is a garden.

 Frances Hodgson Burnett

                                  The Secret Garden

I've tried to find joy 

in the wrong places, 

it's left me with less joy. 

I'm going to try to 

work on that. 

Morgan Wallen

We know that all we meet 

is part of ourselves. 

Individuals, as well as 

communities, grow spiritually 

in proportion as they rise 

to a higher ideal. 

If their ideal is lowered, 

they sink to its depths; 

- if their ideal is exalted, 

they are elevated to 

heights unimagined. 

Neville Goddard

Through each crisis 

in my life, with 

acceptance and hope,

in a single defining moment, 

I finally gained the courage 

to do things differently.

     Sharon E. Rainey

V  O  T  E  !


Love You,
                                     Cloudia & Pixie