Saturday, May 30, 2020

Inner Win, Winner IN

A   L   O   H   A  !
Our capacity to

consider ideas

different from

the way we

"just feel it to be"

gives us the chance

to grow, to become

more than we 

already are.

When this ability

to consider

is bullied by

powerful emotion

we lose something

very precious.

The answer is not

to be emotionless.

But to experience

every emotion

like a symphony

of being human.

Hand in hand with

what is true, not

what we'd prefer.

Weak arguments

must be loud.

Truth comes like


Volume is just

counterfeit persuasion.

You Are

What You 


So use the privilege

to build on facts

not attractive fallacies.

Kindness is an inner desire 

that makes us want to 

do good things even if we 

do not get anything

in return. 

It is the joy of our life 

to do them. 

When we do good things 

from this inner desire, 

there is kindness in 

everything we think, 

say, want, and do.



You Are The Reason!

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