Thursday, June 4, 2020

Most Of Them Never Happened

A   L   O   H   A !
Accept in an 

unruffled spirit that 

which is inevitable.


I’ve suffered a great 

many catastrophes 

in my life. 

Most of them 

never happened.

    Mark Twain 

Are Railings Little Fences?

With lies you may 

go ahead in the world, 

but you can never go back.

       Russian Proverb

One may study 

calligraphy at eighty.

Japanese Proverb

We can keep our eyes open,
We can and should find ways to help.
Voting matters most of all!

But sacrificing our peace of  mind
is useless idolatry, as if giving up our
calm well-being can somehow send it
where needed. 

Silly when looked at that way.

Rest your anchor in your values.

Sure, anchors wiggle in the current
sometimes, but if yours 
is not holding, you may need 
to plant it deeper,
perhaps in a slightly
different place.

Be a holder of the Right.
Hold it quiet and high.
Don't squabble
with squabblers.
It's all they have.
Refuse to play.
But set your eyes
on the rising
better day.

Rededicate yourself to 

YOUR passionate quests.


Love You,
                       cloudia & Pixie

Diamond Head Sky, Kapiolani Park

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