Friday, June 11, 2021

Hope Is Helium

A L O H A From Honolulu


Hope is a helium balloon.

It is a wish lantern set out 

into the dark sky of night.

 Sharon Weil

People who have endured 

an era of vulnerability 

emerge with great strength. 

I’m also convinced that the 

second half of this year is 

going to be more fantastic 

than we can imagine right now. -

- We are going to become 


savoring every small pleasure, 

living in a thousand 

delicious moments, 

getting together with 

friends and strangers and 

seeing them with the joy 

of new and grateful eyes.

        David Brooks 

Even in one single leaf 

on a tree, or

in one blade of grass, 

the awesome Deity 

presents itself.

Shinto Saying

More smiling, less worrying. 

More compassion, 

less judgment. 

More blessed, less stressed. 

More love, less hate.

 Roy T. Bennett

Love You
Good Luck,
Cloudia & Pixie