Tuesday, October 25, 2022


A L O H A From Honolulu!

Everywhere across
whatever sorrows of
which our life is woven,
some radiant joy will
gaily flash past.
Nikolai Gogol

You're not in this life for
things to go well.
You're in this life to be
your deepest heart in all
that goes well and in
all that doesn't. John de Ruiter

Everyone has an invisible sign
hanging from their neck saying,
'Make me feel important.'
Never forget this...
    Mary Kay Ash

Wit is the appearance, the
external flash of imagination.
Thus its divinity, and the
witty character of mysticism.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Mirth is like
a flash of lightning,
that breaks through
a gloom of clouds,
and glitters for a moment;
cheerfulness keeps up a kind
of daylight in the mind, and
fills it with a steady and
perpetual serenity.
  Joseph Addison

Politeness is the art
of choosing among
your thoughts.
 Madame De Stael

Love You,
  Cloudia & Pixie