Monday, April 5, 2021

Monday Mind Over Matter

 A L O H A  From Honolulu!

Only those who know 

internal peace can 

give it to others.

  Lao Tzu

Those who take to warfare 

are perpetually defeated. 

Neville Goddard

Rainbows introduce us to 

reflections of different 

beautiful possibilities so we 

never forget that pain and 

grief are not the final 

options in life.     


Life isn't lived on mountain tops
unless you are a goat.

So much clamoring 
for our attention,
so much noise,

so little time to
reflect and nourish

Every voice
promoting a perspective,
so insistently
before we find time
to come to 
Our Own Understanding.

So much easier to
judge rather than think.

Because if we pause,
our sanity may catch up
with us!

Don't be herded
into a point of view,
into false arguments,
into someone else's

So much outrage and 
dissension. Be aware
but from a wise

Don't be played.

Stay Calm.

Practice not being hooked.

Witness. And do good

from small things to big.

For yourself first.

Let the crazy parade go by.

If you don't mind

it doesn't matter.

Celebrate THIS


Thanks for making us
a part of yours!
          Cloudia & Pixie

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