Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Radical Rain & Sunny

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Remember you're the one
who can fill the world
with sunshine.
Snow White

Old godheads sink
in space and drown
Their arks like foundered
galleons sucked down.
Don Marquis

For those who love
with heart and soul
there is no such thing
as separation. Rumi

The things that we love
tell us what we are. Thomas Aquinas

Happy @ Home

Remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act. Dr. Seuss

Love You,
Cloudia & Pixie


Elephant's Child said...

Life is indeed a balancing act. And I frequently wobble.

Teresa said...

Pixie is meditating about the things that she loves like catnip, tuna treats, and napping in sunbeams (like the ones in the first two pictures). Beautiful post.

roentare said...

Gorgeous sun captures!

Cloudia said...

Thanks Friends

eileeninmd said...

Love the two sky photos, cute doves.
Pixie is happy at home.
Take care, enjoy your day!

William Kendall said...

Gorgeous skies.

RedPat said...

Love the shot of Pixie. She really looks like she is meditating. ;-)

Tom said...

...hope is in short supply these days.

Sandee said...

Beautiful quotes, beautiful photography, but really beautiful Pixie.

Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. Scritches to Pixie. ♥

DVArtist said...

Ohhh just stunning photos. Your quotes always bring me to some realization. Thank you. Have a great day today.

Adorapurr said...

Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos. Especially the one of Pixie.

Mike said...

The older you get the harder it is to balance.

Lydia C. Lee said...

Love the chalk drawing. Beautiful collection this week

Kathe W. said...

Awww Pixie! Have a lovely day!

Cloudia said...

Jolly! Joyful! Grateful!

Breathtaking said...

Hello Cloudia :=)

Such glorious sky shots. The doves look so sweet together, and nice capture of Pixie enjoying the view.
All the best.

Amila said...

All these are beautiful photos and moments. I like the sky captures much. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

Rhodesia said...

Beautiful photos. Have a good day, Diane