Friday, March 18, 2022

Erasing The Line

A L O H A From Honolulu!

I restore myself
when I'm alone.
 Marilyn Monroe

Let us never know 
what old age is. 
Let us know the
happiness time brings, 
not count the years.

Too many people
miss the silver lining
because they're
expecting gold. 
   Maurice Setter

The secret of
happiness is to count
your blessings while
others are adding
up their troubles.
Will Smith 

There's a fine line
between genius
and insanity.
I have
erased this line. 
  Oscar Levant



Mike said...

"The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.
Does he mean like I have two shoulders and two knees and one of them doesn't hurt?

Cloudia said...

If that's what you got go with it baby!

eileeninmd said...

Love the images, the flowers, trees and sky are lovely.
Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend!

Teresa said...

The sky shot at the end is glorious! I love the close-up of Pixie's sweet face.

Cloudia said...


Sandee said...

Love the one about age. I'm very young for being 70.

Always love seeing Pixie. She's beautiful.

Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Scritches to Pixie. ♥

RedPat said...

I want to be sitting under that palm tree and looking for the silver lining.

William Kendall said...

You live in paradise.

Cloudia said...

Jolly comments thanks!

Kay said...

I sure do appreciate my silver linings. You're one of them, Cloudia. Have a fabulous weekend.

My Tata's Cottage said...

Your photos are always terrific! The quotes too! ENjoy your weekend and thank you for sharing with everyone.

Linda said...

The Oscar Levant quote made me chuckle! Great photos as usual.

Joyful said...

I love the palm trees against the beautiful sky. Your new header is gorgeous too. Enjoy your weekend.

s.c said...

Great portrait and another nice collection of quotes. Very nice again.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

I've heard it said that introverts restore themselves by time alone; extroverts restore themselves by time around others. I guess Marilyn was an introvert!

Villrose said...

A nice series!

Amila said...

These are beautiful photos.I like the frangipani flowers.

James said...

Excellent pics! Thanks for sharing.

Arun Goyal said...

Stunning bird of paradise, Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.