Monday, April 18, 2022

Better Than

 A L O H A From Honolulu!

If I learned one thing
from Firebird, it’s that
a person’s tragedy
doesn’t define them
or cancel all the
good in their life. M.L. Wang

We are better
than our culture.
Load us down with
prejudice, equip us with
indifference, and we will
nevertheless, at the critical
moment, cast the
nonsense aside and
find our true selves.
     Jack McDevitt

To make a prairie
it takes a clover
and one bee,
One clover, and a bee,
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few.
      Emily Dickinson

The jacaranda in the
courtyard has put
on its bloom. This
purple can't be ignored,
it's like a tree singing.
   Barbara Kingsolver

Port, Starboard
With shark's jaws

There is nothing perfect...
only life.
Sue Monk Kidd


Love You,
Cloudia & Pixie


Gosia said...

Great photos greetings from Poland

Cloudia said...

Aloha Dear

Elephant's Child said...

Lovely - and that was one big shark...

s.c said...

A bit creepy mural but great photo's as always.

eileeninmd said...

I love the flowers and jacaranda blooms.
Have a happy day and a great new week!

Sami said...

The jacaranda flowers are beautiful. Very intricate mural.
Hello to Pixie.
Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Cloudia.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I especially loved the McDevitt quote. Reminds me of the resilience of Ukrainians.

That is one very different mural. It seems to speak of life and death.

I absolutely LOVE your choice for T this week, Cloudia. Those wine glasses inside the shark's teeth are stunning and creative. Thanks for sharing these with us for T Tuesday.

I had no idea Pixie went outside anymore. She's still a doll.

Teresa said...

Those shark's jaws are amazing, no wonder Pixie is hiding in the bushes!

Mike said...

Like the purple.

Cloudia said...

Pixie went outdoors when we lived in California for a few years. There was a backyard we could keep an eye on her. I appreciate each of you so much for sharing today!

Sandee said...

Beautiful photographs, beautiful flowers and beautiful Pixie.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Scritches to Pixie. ♥

Jenn Jilks said...

These are wonderful. I love the jacaranda. We are short flowers these days. There was frost last night. Brrrrrr

RedPat said...

Love the idea of the trees singing when they flower. I will always remember that.

NCSue said...

Those flowers! WOW!
Thanks for sharing at

Aritha said...

Is it your cat? Sweet!

Rain said...

What beautiful flowers!!! ☺

William Kendall said...

Pixie has quite a glare.

jinxxxygirl said...

Always enjoy your photos and quotes Cloudia! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

Empire of the Cat said...

Pixie is looking especially beautiful today. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

nwilliams6 said...

Wow, that mural is so intesting. I would love to know more about the thoughts behind it.

Pixie is adorable as always!

Great pictures and quotes.

Happy T-day and hugz!

Joanne said...

What pretty photographs! I am loving that big purple flower!

Divers and Sundry said...

The Jack McDevitt quote is inspirational. Happy T Tuesday!

DVArtist said...

The quotes are right on. I love drinking with the sharks. Have a nice day.

Let's Art Journal said...

Gorgeous 😁. Happy T Day! Hugs Jo x

Sharon Madson said...

Aloha! Happy T Day!

Bridget Larsen said...

I love Hawaii, would live there if I could.
Bridget #20

Rambling Woods said...

Lovely kitty....Michelle