Thursday, November 3, 2022

Light + Paste

 A L O H A From Honolulu!
Haters, you only make the light
brighter by your darkness, and
bring allies our way. You fuel our
determination to give everybody's
children a better tomorrow.
Your day is over.

"Cut + paste"
used to involve a blade
and actual paste.
You used your hands,
not a keyboard-
Believe It Or Not!

Plumeria pudica is a species of the genus Plumeria. It has leaves in the
shape of a cobra's hood.

How we perceive our aging process —
how we feel about [our own] aging
— is an important determinant of
physical health, psychological
health and even longevity.
Yoav Bergman,
social psychologist, faculty of social work
at Ashkelon Academic College


Peace is not something
you wish for, 
it is something you make, 
something you are, 
something you do, and 
something you give away.
Robert Fulghum

Let's do the magic trick of witnessing all while remaining A L O F T like compassionate moons: watching, caring, moving grandly on our way!

ᤑᤑᤑᤑᤑᤑᤑᤑᤑᤑᤑᤑᤑᤑᤅ Thanks for lighting our skies- Pixie & Cloudia



Elephant's Child said...

Thank you for the rainbow - and the hopes.

Cloudia said...

Bless you Pal💕

Mike said...

"our aging process"
I don't do aging. It's counterproductive.

My GBGV Life said...

Those are some good photos and fun quotes. It is funny how a quote starts from one thing and changes to another like cut and paste. Mom says if you feel and live a young and healthy life it will help you be healthier too.

Jenn Jilks said...

Love that rainbow!
Cut and paste, indeed. How about trolls?! language is so interesting!

William Kendall said...

Miss Pixie looks quite alert and ready to go.

RedPat said...

That rainbow goes right into the tower - a golden place.

Brian said...

That rainbow is beautiful and so are you sweet Pixie! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Teresa said...

Pixie has made her peace with the lamp shade and won't be breaking it today! Love the rainbow shot and the close-up of the flower at the end.

Sandee said...

I'm thankful that I found you and Pixie.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Pixie. ♥

LA Paylor said...

I read all Robert Fulgrum's books back in the day, wish I could smell the plumeria, your kitten so sweet, and I'll try to shine light. I feel pretty beaten down at the moment. Love, LeeAnna

Angela said...

I love that quote about peace!

DeniseinVA said...

I leave smiling dear Cloudia, your words and photos always give a ray of sunshine in the day.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Aloha, Cloudia! It has been a long time since I’ve visited. I can just smell the plumeria, mmmm. I remember cut and paste quite well. Doing it on the computer is easier but not as fun. Cheers!

rupam sarma said...

Beautiful photos

Rain said...

The gecko photo is just beautiful! ☺