Tuesday, May 10, 2011


    Let's Walk in Waikiki Together. . .

"Make love a stain upon your heart;
Spill your love on others
until they too are stained."

Anonymous Tibetan monk

Shell Ginger

"If you can sit with a rose, or any other blossom,
and 'be' with it's quiet presence,
you will smell the scent
of the spirit world
because you & I are one;
We've grown in this same space."

Oprah winfrey

"Kindness sets the heart free."

“This is my simple religion. 
There is no need for temples;
 no need for complicated philosophy.
 Our own brain, our own heart is our temple;
 the philosophy is kindness.” 

Dalai Lama

Today I went out walking between the raindrops.
Gentle mist acted like rain - but couldn't keep up the impersonation.

Patches of blue sky appeared.

Sunshine drew moisture from the grass.

Heaven & nature sing. 
Locals and visitors drink it all in.

Just another day-
in Waikiki.

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