Sunday, December 18, 2011

Emotional Day

" Thank You "

That was the message of the day
  I'm wrung out
from the sheer emotion
of it.

nice things happen every day 
here in Waikiki

Parades here are commonplace

But yesterday, 
the parade was for these guys

The "Go For Broke"
WWII Veterans of Hawaii

Men who fought fascism overseas

and prejudice at home,

Defeating them both

This month 
they were awarded the
Congressional Gold Medal. 

They were already
the most decorated unit 
in US military history. 

Even if you usually don't click on videos, 
do  watch the video below about the Vets
and about the day.

  It was a beautiful day to say "Thank You" 

Thank YOU for kindly visiting here. 

It really means a LOT!  
                                       Warmly, cloudia