Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  H  A !


A  L  O  H  A !
Our Town: NOVATO
"Without stirring abroad, 
One can know the 
whole world. . .
The further one goes 
The less one knows." 
              Lao Tzu 

"Who is contented
is rich."
          Lao Tzu 

San Francisco Bay Area
"There is only 
one success-
-to be able to 
spend your life 
in your own way."
        Christopher Morley

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Sometimes on my treadmill
I hold a rally and invite
my whole body to attend.

Every cell! Every Organ!
Every System!
Come One Come ALL!

My being becomes a 
stadium filled with
thousands. And everyone
is attentive and excited.

First I introduce my
Wonderful Immunity!
Envisioned as a
       Viking Army.  Link
They enter and we all
go wild. They are
Huge, Roaring, Unstoppable!
Every white blood cell a
Berserker glorying in battle.
Hear them ROAR!
Hear the million citizens
of our body roaring back!

Next the Heart & Lungs!
ALL the Cardiovascular 
acknowledges the crowds,
shouting as they enter
the golden circle of 
our attention and gratitude;
Every Vein, Artery & Capillary
bathes in the golden moment,
And the rest of us cheer back!
"We love you!"

Digestion has it's moment.
Bladder, Bowels, organs
of elimination:
Honored Heroes!

We cheer the Brain
and she cheers back.

My Bones strengthen
by the power of our 
as we give them
their applause
and appreciation.

Together we are
P O W E R F U L!
Can you hear the 
Roar of WellBeing
in Triumph?

Every cell.
Every space
between the cells;
Magic Happens Here
every moment
every second
every day

Hooray for my 
Wonderful Body!

Hooray for Your
Body too!



Thank YOU
            Fondly, cloudia