Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thinning the Veil Thursday

Aloha Welcome,
Returning Friend!
click on photos to savor Waikiki I loved this stippled sky.
As you can see, the palms were so moved by it that they yearned upward, reaching for it, trying to brush its downy cheeks with their trembling, green fingers.

Why is this motorcycle armed?
Perhaps it feels threatened by larger vehicles?
(All of my motorcycles have been gentle pacifists)

The Bible says that we see through a veil, but someday will see reality
"face to face."
Plato spoke of us as the inmates of a cave, not seeing things as they are, but perceiving only shadows thrown on the stony walls of our consciousness.

Some misapprehension seems to be fundamental to our stay in this flesh.
If we recalled our true stature, the illusion of our loneliness would be shattered; and no choice would be possible
in the blinding light


Last night
standing outside under a starry sky
I suddenly wondered
how the things we love of nature
will at last be revealed
when we see them face to face.

The moon that stirs me so deeply,
that ever-dear companion,
may be even more familiar than we guess,
a loving eye
watching disguised
at last awake,
we run home
to loving arms.
A L O H A! Cloudia