Saturday, October 22, 2011

Apec Coming!

A L O H A ?

  Revered Hawaiian scholar Paki 
explained the  spiritual meaning
represented by each letter of the word Aloha:

stands for AKAHAI,
meaning kindness, expressed with tenderness

 is for LOKAHI,
 meaning unity,
expressed with harmony.

 is for OLU`OLU,
 meaning agreeable,
 expressed with pleasantness.

stands for HA`AHA`A,
 meaning humility,
 expressed with modesty.

 stands for AHONUI,
 meaning patient and persevering.

The key to life is to live ALOHA everyday!

" By learning to discover
and value our ordinariness,
 we nurture a friendliness
toward ourselves and the world
 that is the essence
of a healthy soul. "

Thomas Moore

Now THIS is gonna be a challenge!

" Let's just face it:

" Shooting here is far better than in Detroit,

The place is magnificent, 

the locals are great. "

George Clooney

on filming in Hawaii
(sorry Detroit poets/friends)

> < } } ( ° >

I live 
in the most densely populated neighborhood
in the Hawaiian Islands,
which means the largest collection
of humans
for thousands of miles 
of open Pacific.

We are ready to greet visitors
and we do it every day!

When the President holidays 
on Oahu,
in his place of birth
and growing up years,
we feel protective of him
and are mostly philosophical
about the motorcades
and street closings.

Plus, he stays on the 
other side, the Windward.
And his visits to town-side,
like taking the girls to
the zoo,
are not too disruptive.

We even welcome officials
from other nations
and afford them
the same courtesy and

But on November 7th
through the 13th,
21 heads of state
including our President
will be meeting
ALL around here!

The Hawaii Convention Center
is right across the Ala Wai Canal,
and just under my window.
NO paddling for one week!
Already restrictions are being explained
to us.
 click HERE

There will be closed streets,
closed near-shore waters,
and all boats in the Ala Wai Harbor
will be restricted to their berths.
Residents there
(as we were so recently)
will have security check-points
to enter and leave their neighborhood.
No parking for surfers.
The gasoline station
nearest to me
will be restricted to 
"law enforcement & military."

And there WILL be demonstrations.

Meanwhile, the tourist Mecca of
with our dozens of hotels
and thousands of residents
will have 
NO deliveries by truck
(an every day thing)
for the duration!

Stock up now
(I will)

It feels a bit like a target
is painted on my

On the other hand,
this will be the safest,
most secure island
in the world
for one week.

Perhaps I'll visit the demonstrators.
More later.

And thanks for visiting today!
How would YOU feel
about such a summit
in YOUR neighborhood?
Tell us in comments,
                                          Warmly, cloudia