Thursday, July 2, 2020

Questions and an Answer

A  L  O  H  A !
There is frequently more to 

be learned from the unexpected 

questions of a child than 

the discourses of men. 

     John Locke

A sudden bold and 

unexpected question doth 

many times surprise a man 

and lay him open. 

     Francis Bacon

If history repeats itself, and 

the unexpected always happens, 

how incapable must Man be 

of learning from experience. 

George Bernard Shaw

Kindness is an inner desire that 

makes us want to do good things 

even if we do not get anything

in return. 

It is the joy of our life to do them. 

When we do good things from this

inner desire, there is kindness 

in everything we think, say, 

want, and do.

Emanuel Swedenborg

 Take A Moment.

Take A Beat.

All components of

the approaching Great

All bad things, 

like good things, 

must end.      
     Nihar Sharma

Thank Goodness!



Love You,
                          cloudia & pixie

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