Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grandma Sounds

"Life isn't a matter of milestones,
but of moments. "

Rose Kennedy

"Where's the rest of me?"

"Better to lose a tail
than freedom."

Lizard Proverb

"Be like Curious George,

start with a question

and look under the yellow hat

to find what's there."

James Collins


Grandma made these sounds,
resigned complaining "oomphs"
and "oyes."
She made them when she stood up
('why did it seem so effortful?' I wondered as a kid.
Well now

making those sounds!

My back has been taunting me.
That motorcycle-circus flip I took at 16
started the whole thing:
Flying off the bike,
landing right next to a big, pointy rock,
looking for my glasses in the dark.
The shame.
I never told anyone.

So my back "locks up"
like 95% of y'all in the general population.
Right now, I'm at the mobile stage
WITH grandma sounds.

So that's why I haven't been around to
your posts
as much as I like to be
(or been and enjoyed but spared myself the typing a comment).

So there,
that's personal.

You surely noticed that my posts
are (i try :)
But of course I've been
the oil, the Gulf,
the wars,
the economy,
the blockade runners. . .
and on and on.

THAT's why I seek the light;
Because otherwise
it could all overwhelm me.

Grandma made sounds
when she watched the news too.
Sounds of pity and disbelief.

Now I'm making those sounds.

We need a little Summer Magic
right about now, eh?

Thanks for fixing some up with me!

I love you guys-