Saturday, August 10, 2019

Inner Conversations

A  L  O  H  A !
Morning to Night,
Then In Our Dreams,
A Narrative unfolds.

We not only Narrate,
But we Create

For what we Believe
is manifested
in our behaviour, and
in our interpretations
of the behaviour of others.

Ultimately in the world 
around us.

Our inner conversation
goes on and on.

Meditation ignores,
but does not end, 
the conversation.

What are YOU
saying inwardly?

What is the flavor
of your interpretation?

As You Think
So Are You,
And Such Is
Your World.

All around us we see
the choices made:
Fear, Power, Distrust-
Love, Mutuality-
Hope, Despair-
Faith, Cynicism.

Choose this day.
Where you will live.

What are you sending out?

Put on the new person.
Rinse off old assumptions
freshness will replace the stale.

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We Are All
Peers in This
World. In
This Work.
                 Fondly, cloudia