Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wind Horse 風馬

A  L  O  H  A !
Michael Murphy - Wildfire by Michael Murphy - Wildfire on Grooveshark
" Be a lamp, 
or a lifeboat, or a ladder. 
Help someone's soul heal. 
Walk out of your house
 like a shepherd. "


“ When will our consciences
 grow so tender 
that we will act
 to prevent human misery
 rather than avenge it? ” 

 Eleanor Roosevelt

" She got her looks 
from her father.
 He's a plastic surgeon. "

       Groucho Marx

Sky Red Fish

" Life is full 
of obstacle illusions. "

Grant Frazier

Aloe in bloom

" Don’t try to be different.
 Just be good. 
To be good 
is different enough. "

Arthur Freed

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I dreamed of a horse
 in the house
 last night.

Though not slave to my stars,
 observations of a thousand years 
pique my interest.

I notice what resonates,
and glean,
building my cupboard 
of cures.

Happy healthy pets,
and plants,
(for example)
 are good feng shui
all masters agree;
 The logic of this
 is evident, practical,
 and energizing to me.
Hinting at deep relations,
effects, and wisdom
of the heart. 

In my reading-ranging yesterday
 I met a Feng Shui 'cure'
 for my vulnerabilities this year
named Lung Ta,
 the Tibetan Wind Horse
 most popularly known from those Prayer flags,
where they generate positives and protections
with each flutter of breeze, touch of sunlight,
 and admiring glance.

 Big white horse with 
flowing mane and tail 
carries a huge
 wish-granting jewel,
which Tibetans say,
 satisfies all desires.  

Not a bad horse
 to welcome into the home! 

A Google image search
 yielded many lovely such images. 
One of them is now my screensaver. 

Images of the wind horse
 protect you and your home
 from hostile energies
 and people. 

Last night I dreamed
of a horse
in my house.

The Wind Horse is also
the symbol of Mongolia.

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