Sunday, March 28, 2010

All These Angry People

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"A sage may hide in many disguises.
The person giving us the hardest time may actually be saving our lives.
We can never tell from one moment to the next if an event is for our well-being,
so it is wise to give everything and everyone the benefit of the doubt."
- David A Cooper

"I'm not young enough to know everything."
Oscar Wilde

Blogger in training :)

"When a friend speaks to me,
whatever they say is interesting."

Jean Renoir

Judgmental people are fragile people.

They so fear what might occur
that they preoccupy themselves with rules.

The ones they judge most harshly are themselves,
but that is cold comfort for their many targets.

As a rule, comfort with diversity grows
along with spiritual self-confidence.

Ironically it is the tolerant who are truly living up to good values
and a high standard. They are confident that Right will prevail,
and so are usually patient with others,
inviting them to join in the joy of goodness
at their own pace
and in their own way.

The tolerant can find good almost everywhere they look,
and are more concerned with fixing problems and healing hurts,
than in finding someone to blame.

Meanwhile the judgmental scrutinize everyone they meet
with a suspicious eye.

They live in a frighteningly lawless world
that may misbehave at any moment.

You see, their god is terribly weak.

They believe that He needs their help
to root out all the world’s sin
or He might miss something.

Emotional passion so rules them
that they believe that hatred,
even violence,
are superior to prayer and compassion
as tools to change the world for the better.

They need our compassion!

A L O H A Cloudia