Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dreams and Daylight

A   L   O   H   A  !
“ Friendship flourishes 
at the fountain of

 William Arthur Ward 

" The things of the night
cannot be explained
in the day. "

Ernest Hemingway

Gallery shot from street

“ If a wife or husband 
seems to be unusually
 grouchy on a given evening… 
a spouse will pop down 
to the corner drugstore, 
buy some 
anti-grouch pills, 
and slip them
 into the coffee. ”

TIME Magaizne, 1966

 "Predictions for the Year 2000"

" You will recognize your own path
 when you come upon it, 
because you will suddenly 
have all the energy 
and imagination 
you will ever need. "

Jerry Gillies   

Fire Parade Past a Green Lawn

" 'Taint't worthwhile
 to wear a day
 all out 
before it comes. "

Sarah Orne Jewett


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