Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thank Goodness It's Raining

Thank goodness
it's JUST raining!

Hurricane Ana 
is lingering
 in our neighborhood
as it brushes our islands
with Rain Rain Rain.

Very grey and unsettled.

Kitty has taken to her cave

under the bed.

My feelings are Gratitude 

that the hurricane 
stayed offshore,
accompanied by
 a sort of 
storm exhaustion.

who has ever built 
a new heaven 
acquired the capacity 
in his own hell." 


Your visit
-Your caring-
is a ray of sunshine
on this grey day-
                     Fondly, cloudia

In Which I See a FOX

A  L  O  H  A !
The Fox by Wes Montgomery on Grooveshark
No foxes in Hawaii, but is that. . . . ?

“ A fox 
passing through the wood
 on business of his own 
stopped several minutes 
and sniffed. ” 
                      J.R.R. Tolkien, 
                                      The Fellowship of the Ring

Bushy tail, pointy snout, ears pricked-
Ready to bolt at their approach

“ Hungry for beautiful words, 
the fox comes rooting 
around in the hedge. . .
 He reads my mind 
with one glance and is 
gone. ” 
                  Jay Woodman

Beguiled by a Kitsune!

“Nothing's perfect," 
sighed the fox. ” 
 Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry, 
The Little Prince

" When a fox is fifty years old,
 it can transform itself 
into a woman. 

When it is one hundred, 
it becomes 
a beautiful woman 
or a shaman; 

Some become men
 and have sex 
with women. 

They can know events 
from more than a thousand li away 
and are good at witchcraft, 

beguiling people and
 making them 
lose their senses. "
                           Guo Pu, 
                                   Records from Within the Recondite


Thank You
for magically
appearing here!
               Warmly, cloudia

Books and Theses on Spirit Foxes:
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A thorough description of Japanese shamanism that includes an entire chapter on magical animals, including kitsune.
Davis, Winston. Dojo: Magic and Exorcism in Modern Japan. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1980. 
A study of the Sukyo Mahikari sect, a religion that believes in possession by spirit animals and the dead. The author describes several cases of fox possession and exorcism.   Link