Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Walking in Waikiki Sun

A  L  O  H  A !

" The intensity of the pain 
depends on
 the degree of resistance 
to the present moment." 
                            Eckhart Tolle

" I love walking 
down the street 
and seeing faces and 
drama and happiness 
and sadness and
 dirt and cleanliness."
                             Ric Ocasek

“In daily life
 we must see
 that it is not happiness
 that makes us grateful, 
but gratefulness 
that makes us happy.” 
Brother David Steindl-Rast

Thank You
for lingering!

                         Fondly, cloudia

Honey the Healer

A  L  O  H  A !
 “We lived for honey. 
We swallowed a spoonful
 in the morning to wake us up
 and one at night to put us to sleep. 

We took it with every meal to
 calm the mind, give us stamina, 
and prevent fatal disease. -

" - We swabbed ourselves in it 
to disinfect cuts or heal chapped lips. 

It went in our baths, our skin cream, 
our raspberry tea and biscuits. 
Nothing was safe from honey...

 " -honey was 
the ambrosia of the gods 
and the shampoo 
of the goddesses. "
             Sue Monk Kidd
                 The Secret Life of Bees

“I dreamt -- marvelous error! -
 that I had a beehive 
here inside my heart. 
And the golden bees
 were making... 
sweet honey 
from my old failures.” 
 Antonio Machado

"A good laugh
 is sunshine
 in the house." 
 William Makepeace Thackeray

[/  \]

is an ancient
blessing, cure,
& healer:
Inside & Out.

For skin problems,
mouth ulcers,
and more,
honey can truly
be a blessing
as I have discovered.

You will find
medical information below;
But a quick search
will show you 
much info.

There is unfortunately
adulterated honey
on the market.
I advise that you obtain
organic, or from
your local neighbors
who keep bees.
There IS also medical grade
honey -

that a physician might feel
more comfortable prescribing,
but I have had wonderful results
with organic honey. ]

Just wanted to share
something sweet
with You!
            Warmly, coudia

"Another study published in the International Journal of Lower Extremity (arm or leg) Wounds involved researchers discovering a wide variety of treatment qualities found in honey that are almost unparalleled to other forms of treatment. After conducting22 trials involving 2,062 patients who were subjected with honey as a wound dressing, the following properties were found:
  • Infections were not only cleared, but wounds were protected from spreading bacteria
  • Honey was able to control and eliminate strong odors from wounds
  • Permanent scarring was dramatically reduced
  • Honey promoted anti-inflammatory activity
These are just a few examples of the healing wonders of honey. "  Link