Monday, January 2, 2023

Ant Wishes

A L O H A From Honolulu!

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Even the wishes of a
small ant reach heaven.
Shinto Saying

His eye is on the sparrow.

In Hawaii, one may go to
a Shinto Shrine
for a New Year Blessing
and many do. Because of the
pandemic, this will be my
first visit since 2019

For Shinto, at root, is a religion
not of sermons but of awe:
which is a sentiment that may
or may not produce words, but in
either case goes beyond them.
Joseph Campbell

Holiday Libation with my pal Zeus
in his festive home!

For last year's words belong
to last year's language;
And next year's words
await another voice.
And to make an end is
to make a beginning.
  T.S. Eliot

This chart shows Honolulu's
air quality from New Year's Eve
6 pm to 1 Jan 2023 noon.
You can see the effect of
MANY illegal aerial fireworks!*

Lest you think this is
from recent volcanic
activity, above you can
see Hawaii island [Active
Volcanoes] on the
right edge all green.
To the upper left on Oahu
you can see the yellow over
Honolulu because of the
population density here on
the "Gathering Place" isle.

Pixie does her best Janus impression,
looking back to the past
and ahead to the new year.
She tells me it will be a better one.
After all, the coming Lunar Year
is the Year of the Cat in Viet Nam
[Cousin Rabbit in China]
We closed all windows to the smoke
and endured the barrage in fine style.
[With prayers for Ukraine]


Wishing you ALL the Best!

Cloudia & Pixie


* Video of illegal Honolulu
NYE fireworks shot from my window: