Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Memories

Aloha Friend!

"One of the greatest victories
you can gain over someone
is to beat him
at politeness."

Josh Billings

"Vision without execution
is hallucination."


This guy is a surf board shaper.
He must use a lightening-bolt motif on some of his boards.

"One of the greatest things
about the sport of surfing
is that you need only three things:
your body, a surf-board, and a wave."



What a weekend!
I was invited
to carry the Hawaii flag
at the head of
Honolulu's PRIDE festival.

I always wanted to lead my own parade!

Then we attended the retirement party
of our friend Chuck
who served 30 years
in the US Army.

Years ago,
during the challenging times of my younger days,
I used to say to my dear friend, Labig:
"Some day things will be better."

he'd say,
"These ARE the good old days."

My life is more settled now.
Somehow it all worked out for the best.

But thinking back on my dear friend,
gone these many years,
I remember long Summer days
at the ball park,
and dinners to which
he picked up the check
time and time again.

Once I told him that being with him
was just as relaxing as being alone.
And he understood just what I meant.

As I recall those days long ago
I realize that he was right;
Those were golden days indeed.

And though I miss him,
plus so many others gone,
I look back with gratitude
and much aloha.

I thought of them all
as I led the parade through Waikiki.
"This one's for you guys."

THESE are the good times too.

I understand that now.

Don't waste your time
dreaming of
"some day."

That's a fool's
or a child's

Drink today all the way down!

It is the nectar.

Don't wait to look back
to realize it!