Saturday, January 18, 2014

Find Legal Images for Your Blog and Laugh

A  L  O  H  A !
The Old Philosopher by Eddie Lawrence on Grooveshark

" Who knows
 that enough is
 will always have 
enough. "


 "  One can dream
 so much better 
in a room
 where there are
pretty things.

  L. M. Montgomery

Sail On Silver Girl !

What a Smashing Elephant! (Thanks, Wikipedia)
He's helping the WWI effort in Great Britain.
(Their circus jobs were on-hold)
Perhaps YOU'd like to blog about this episode in history
in order to tell a family member's exploits wrangling such
elephants. BUT there are NO family pictures of Gertrude
delivering milk in the village by drawing a cart driven by
Uncle Horace. What to do?  
Did YOU know that even an
innocent, doddering, harmless, non-commercial blogger
like me could be SUED in COURT by the owner of an
image I unknowing use without permission?
Is that what's troubling YOU, Bunky?
 (If you are NOT laughing,
then click on the little player above the elephant's pic)

GOOGLE has a wonderful new feature
 in Google Image Search:
Usage Rights 
is now a search category,
 everything from No such filter to 
"You can use this commercially
 and even put a mustache on it
 and NO ONE cares

If you did get sued, 
I assume Google would
be your fellow defendant.
 Nice cell to be in!

Here is another such Site
I use for image searches,
check it out also:

Happy Stealing!

                      Warmly, cloudia