Saturday, September 28, 2013

Discovering Your Mission

A  L  O  H  A !

"What is my gift? 

My talent?

What career 

should I pursue?"

We've all heard it;

We've all SAID it!

The person who becomes

a STAR says: 

"This is what I was made for.

I'm no good for anything else."

" I like to write, 
so I should go
to journalism school.

Get paid for doing 
what you love,
and you'll never work
 a day in your life."



But if you never make a living
doing some unique 
it sets you up for regret.

"I'm only a mail carrier."

I'll never rule the world.
This has become
clear to me so
I've re-framed 
my own mission.

Now I don't think of
 my "Mission"
rather I see it 
in terms of 
What is MY lens,
through which
I  view
 the world,

What is my 

What is my intention
 for self and other?
How do I focus my lens
on others,
on myself, 
on the world?

My mission is no longer world domination.

I now understand that my Lens,
 my Focus
is on Kindness, Authenticity, 
Tolerance for Ambiguity
 and for Difference.

The best part is,
 that I didn't need to wait
for someone to HIRE me
 to behave
through that lens, 
AS that lens.

I could start right away!

And so I have.

And so can 


What is your insight? 
Your gift to the world,
your impact?

Is it the invention of 
another mobile phone,
the massing and 
giving away of a fortune?

Good luck with that. 
Seriously. GO YOU!

But as for me, 
I invite you to 
join me, be
a lense of what you care about.
Then focus your lens outward
and inward too.

Learn what the mystery of YOU 
is trying to teach You. 
You are also a unique gift 
to this world. 

I promise you 
that your impact
- every day, everywhere you go -
will add up to quite a 
though it be a significance
that we will only comprehend
By and by. . . . . . . 


Thank YOU
for sharing here.
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                                         Fondly, cloudia