Thursday, June 28, 2012


 Moving Lightly; Nimble. 

A  L  O  H  A !

" Myths 
which are believed in
 to become
 true. "

George Orwell


"  Good writing 
is like a 
windowpane. "

George Orwell

 " Representation of the world,
 like the world itself, 
is the work of men; 
they describe it
 from their own point of view, 
which they confuse 
with the 
absolute truth.  "

Simone de Beauvoir

 " Nothing
 other people do
 is because
 of you.
 It is because 
of themselves. "

Don Miguel Ruiz

 " The way we negotiate 
plays no small part
 in shaping
 our lives 
and character. "

Gordon Marino

 " As I get older,
 I get smaller.
 I see other parts 
of the world
 I didn't see before. 
Other points of view. 
I see outside myself
 more.  "

Neil Young

" All objects lose 
by too familiar 
a view.  "

John Dryden

" Nothing's beautiful 
from every 
point of view.  "


     >  <  }  }  ( ° >

It was late,
the house was quiet.
Looking into a cooking pot
[ yes, it is a stainless steel pot ]
I saw the rainbow,
worlds in worlds,
and wondered
my camera could
show You
what I glimpsed.

it is a pot.

Thank YOU
for looking in.

Even the briefest "hello" 
in comments
is another Gift !

                          Warmly, cloudia