Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're BACK!

Aloha Again, Friend!

Blogger is BACK - And So Are WE :-)
Sunny Days have returned to Waikiki. . .

We are simply intoxicated by the weather of paradise. . . 

Thousands of psychiatrists are in town
for their big annual meeting. . .

But that's OK;
We're hospitable to all kinds of strange visitors. . . . .

The new produce guy at the store, for example. . . . .

There's just something DIFFERENT about him. . . . 

"The memory of things gone
is important to a jazz musician.
Things like old folks singing in the moonlight
in the back yard on a hot night
or something said long ago.”

Louis Armstrong


Wasn't that SOMETHING?!

"Blogger Unavailable"

Wow, Took my brain a few minutes to wrap around


The treadmill stopped.
Our friends were suddenly unavailable!
How is the flooding affecting Cajun Country?
I missed my daily New York pictures!

Fasting is good.

It makes us think about our routines

and appreciate

what we take for granted.

I missed you!

Tanned, rested & ready. . . . 


B A C K!

         Please say 'hello' in comments-  warmly, cloudia