Friday, October 3, 2014

October Sky in Our Eyes

A  L  O  H  A !
" Science is 
organized knowledge.
Wisdom is 
organized life. "

" Intuition 
will tell 
the thinking mind
to look next. " 
                   Jonas Salk

" A small kindness 
that's no big deal 
when you do it 
for someone you know 
is an 
incredibly powerful act 
when done for 
a stranger. "
                           Amy Alkon

"For in doing so, 
some have 
entertained angels!"

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I Love October!
Our blog-0-sphere
is rich with color
and visits,
animals &
children returning
to school.

Even if we do not
go out to meet it
Autumn finds us

I love sharing it
with YOU!
Keep those posts
coming :-)

And you of the 
Southern Climes
keep that Spring
alive in our hearts
with YOUR gems too.

I'll be here
in the sub-tropical
sun. . . 
sharing it with


for riding the 
electrons to visit
                Fondly, cloudia