Monday, April 27, 2015

And Then a Dragon

A  L  O  H  A  from  Honolulu!
Hear surf?  Feel sand?
 " How we
spend our days 
is, of course,
how we spend
our lives. "
                 Annie Dillard

Tenacious Beach Palm
" If we take care
 of the moments, 
the years will
 take care of 
themselves. "
                     Maria Edgeworth

Pampered Garden Palm
" Success is 
following the pattern 
of life one enjoys most. "
                           Al Capp

. . . And Then a Happy Dragon. . .

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Our World Tuesday


We fear to stop
even for an hour;
We always seem 
to be running,
to catch up.

What if we
get left behind?!

Even in retirement
we hurry 
to be seen  
remaining viable.

But what if
we do stop?
What if we brave
that demon?

Is it a dragon:
but holding
a treasure?

What we 
to the cleaner,
returning refreshed
smelling sweet.
[like ourselves]

One may even
'Good Riddance'

Get that monkey
off your back

Thank You