Monday, January 6, 2020

Living Longer

A   L   O   H   A  !
By the time we are 70, 
we have all had more tragedy 
and more bliss in our lives than 
we could have foreseen. 
If we are wise, we realize that we are but one
drop in the great river we call life and that it has 
been a miracle and a privilege to be alive.

           Mary Pipher

Guides come when you're ready to listen; 
no eBay or Amazon link will fetch them. 
You need to invite, not pursue.

       Helen S. Rosenau

Bless military people & families!
They do not decide. They carry out.
Spare a thought - or more - for 
what they offer and at what cost!

North Beach, San Francisco
It is the least privileged, 
not the most, who excel 
in appreciating the 
smallest of offerings.

          Mary Pipher

A Honolulu Mural for Monday

I so appreciate your visit!

Travel Tuesday

I have decided not to "Age"
Rather, I am simply going to
Live Longer.

Look! I'm Doing It!

I never took the main road,
or the main gate,
and I'm not going to
start now. You?