Friday, February 6, 2015

Sheer JOY!

May YOUR Weekend be This Much FUN!

                         ALOHA, cloudia 

Honolulu SKY Watch

A L O H A !
Crepuscular Rays

“ Nobody
 can teach me
 who I am.” 
                Chinua Achebe

 Curtain, Curves, & Cauliflower

" Imagine 
what a harmonious world
 it could be if 
every single person, 
both young and old 
shared a little 
of what he is 
good at doing. "
                             Quincy Jones

 Soaring Angel Wing

Set Above

" Young men
 know the rules,
 but old men 
know the exceptions. "
                             Oliver Wendell Holmes

" The salvation of mankind
 lies only in making 
the concern of all. "
                         Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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                   Warmly, cloudia