Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Sunny Lawns Waikiki

 A   L   O   H   A  !

Creation of silent spaces 

in our own life and equitable 

distribution of 

periods of respite. . . 

is necessary to 

spur personal growth. 

It is equally important 

to honor other 

people’s intrinsic need 

for periods of 

introspection, uninterrupted 

by unsolicited advice

     Kilroy J. Oldster

Private life, book life, 

took place where 

words met imagination 

without passing through 

the world.     

 Annie Dillard

It's called a private life 

for a reason -

it's mine, and it's

special and sacred.     

    Lili Reinhart

But I so enjoy sharing it with you!

Blow out all negative attitudes 

and live true to your dreams. 

Talk less and act more. 

Be confident and see yourself 

wining even before 

the victory comes.

       Israelmore Ayivor

<  2.54 centimeters / 1/2 inch

Be tough in the way 

a blade of grass is: 

rooted, willing to lean, 

and at peace with 

what is around it.     

Natalie Goldberg

Did You notice the ant?

The landscape looks different 

from every blade of grass.     

Marty Rubin

It's all mine, 

it's all sacred.

         Jamie Weise


Love You,

                     pixie & cloudia