Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Paradise

A L O H A !

We Are the One Hundred Percent

A     L     O     H     A   !

Vivaldi: Flute Concerto In D, Op. 10/3, RV 428, "Il Gardellino" by Vivaldi on Grooveshark

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Heaven & Nature Sing:
Optics of Atmosphere, Light & Water-Lenses

I can't wait
for the meek to inherit 
this Earth.

Shallow, driven sociopaths
are ruining it
for every one

Nature Neutered

"We must, indeed, all hang together, 
or most assuredly 
we shall all hang separately."

Benjamin Franklin

In the Continental Congress upon signing
the Declaration of Independence,

Is there ANYthing
that Americans can agree on

Nature Substitute,  KEEP OUT

"Joni Mitchell said this 
about writing the song BIG YELLOW TAXI 
to journalist Alan McDougall in the early 1970s:

' I wrote 'Big Yellow Taxi'
 on my first trip to Hawaii.
 I took a taxi to the hotel and when I woke up the next morning,
 I threw back the curtains and saw these beautiful green mountains in the distance.
 Then, I looked down and there was a parking lot 
as far as the eye could see, and it broke my heart... 
this blight on paradise. 
That's when I sat down and wrote the song '  "

courtesy WIKIPEDIA  here

Crown of Creation
" Being made in the image of God,
 man was 
the crown of creation. "
Walter Lang

Genesis 1:26-2:3

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