Saturday, February 18, 2012

Are YOU Blessed?

A      L      O      H      A    !

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" Blessed are they who see beautiful things
 in humble places 
where other people see nothing. "

Camille Pissarro

" Blessed are those who give
 without remembering 
and take 
without forgetting. "

Elizabeth Bibesco

" Blessed is the influence
 of one true, loving human soul 
on another. "

George Eliot

" Self-acceptance 
has been a blessed by-product 
of middle age. "

Candice Bergen

 " The person who can bring
 the spirit of laughter
 into a room
 is indeed 
blessed. "

Bennett Cerf

" If I choose to bless another person,
 I will always end up feeling
 more blessed. "

Marianne Williamson

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So what is this thing?
This state of being

There seems more than luck to it.
So what is it?
How do you know
if YOU are blessed?

Turn around (bear with me)
look back over the past day,
the week, the year,
back over your life.

What have you left
in YOUr wake?



and ask yourself
if you have left
behind you.

If you have looked for the best,
instead of for blame,
(or to be right)

If you have de-escalated
rather than letting them 
"have it"

If you have refrained
from easy superiority,
and from jumping
 to the head of the line.

Then I think you may just
be blessed.

Someone once said:
are the peace makers.

Someone once
was right.

Thank YOU for visiting here,
May Peace follow YOU
wherever you go.

                   Warmly, cloudia