Friday, April 30, 2010

the Height

Aloha Also Means a Loving Goodbye. . .

With deep gratitude,
we celebrate the life of
"just a woman."


"Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes,
but by the opposition he or she has overcome
to reach his goals."

Dr. Dorothy Height
(as are all)

Waikiki Cottage

"If you worry about who is going to get the credit,
you won't get much done."

What, you no outrigger in YOUR garage?


"I want to be remembered as someone
who used herself and anything she could touch
to work for justice and freedom.
I want to be remembered as one who

"We are not a problem people
we are people with problems.
We have historic strengths;
We have survived because of family."

The people who maintain the health, transport, and beauty...


"We have to improve life,
not just for those who have the skills
and those who know how to manipulate the system.
But also for
and with
who often have so much to give
but never get the opportunity."


Born in 1912
she knew a world
that we have forgotten,
prefer to 'whitewash'
or to forget.

I have been watching The Tudors
and have been impressed by the
state of fear
that accompanies life
under the rule
of king and caste.

As I say,
their mood
becomes the weather
and climate
that everyone else
must live under.

As a teenager,
Miss Height
marched in New York's Times Square
"Stop the lynching!"

She lived in a system
where black people
needed to smile,
bow, and shuffle.

She marched with King.

She saw our world change.

President Obama honored her.

Thanks for joining me today
as we do the