Monday, November 2, 2020

Try Wait

 A   L   O   H   A  !

If you are waiting for anything 

in order to live and love 

without holding back, 

then you suffer. . .

. . . Every moment is the most 

important moment of your life. 

No future time is better than 

now to let down 

your guard and love.     

   David Deida

You usually have to wait 

for that which is 

worth waiting for.     

Craig Bruce

And sure enough 

even waiting will end...

if you can just 

wait long enough.     

William Faulkner

Whatever we are waiting for -

- peace of mind, contentment, 

grace, the inner awareness 

of simple abundance -

- it will surely come to us, 

but only when we are ready 

to receive it with an open

 and grateful heart.     

   Sarah Ban Breathnach


Is there a local dialect, or way of speaking
that marks someone as "Local" in your area?
The Boston Accent, Cockney, and the broad
Australian swagger are all well-known world-wide!
In Hawaii, all the different nationalities
working on the plantation created a way
to communicate, work together, and build
community in this new land. It is called
Pidgin. It includes foreign words (English,
Japanese, etc.) all set to the music of
Hawaiian grammar.  A Pidgin speaker
says: "Big Da Dog!" We speak pidgin
to one another and it speaks volumes.
Particularly with my light skin, I like to
let folks know I'm Da Kine Local
right away. I've been training for 
over 30 years to be a Hawaii older
person: a Kupuna (Hawaiian word).
That shtick didn't go in California,
people thought I was ignorant.
Glad we're home. Pixie is a local-
born Popoki (Cat in Hawaiian) once
more. It's actually kind of a nice break
to have the Islands mostly to ourselves,
though many work in tourism and we
feel it believe me.
Bu right now, we need to be patient,
to Aloha one another and get 
through the challenges.

Try Wait, Eh?!

You can learn more about 
Hawaiian Pidgin

Love You,

             Cloudia & Pixie-in-the-roses

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