Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Walking in the Rain

A L O H A !
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The weather in Honolulu 
has been mesmerizing:
Breezy Trade Winds,
blue skies,
and clouds of all sorts 
scudding along
high & low.
Temps in the 70c F.

The other evening
I got caught in a steady downpour 
walking home 
from the Waikiki Post Office.

Having recently moved off of the boat 
after 20 years,
it was a distinct pleasure
to enter my new, sturdy, 
DRY building!

Passing through the INDOOR garage,
I noted my scooter
playing a hand of cards
with my small car 
in the same parking space.

Nothing looks quite so bedraggled,
as a scooter or motorcycle
huddling under a dripping cover,
sitting in a puddle,
in the middle of a rain storm.

"There's my scooter,
dry in a rain storm."
I thought with satisfaction.

Instead of having wet rain
slide off of canvas
and down my neck,
I rode upstairs in the elevator
and entered my dry apartment.

Through the window, 
I could see squalls
pouring over Honolulu Town.

Then I took a hot shower.
Soon my husband returned home.

The winds did not stir us.
The rain did not reach us.
We prepared & ate food,
while Kitty played on the carpet.

Ah!  Civilization!
I shall never take it for granted.

And the next day,
Hawaii of post card fame
waited outside:

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