Monday, March 16, 2015

Rainbow Tower

A L O H A !
 31 stories high!
 Rainbow Tower, 
Hilton Hawaiian Village, 
Waikiki  1968. 
 Hilton Hotels recently 
spent over $4 million 
on a replica/replacement
286 feet tall X 26 feet wide.

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Monday Murals

" There are 
many wonderful things 
that will never be done 
if you do not 
do them. "
                           Charles D. Gill


Crane Your Neck

A  L  O  H  A !
 Morning Crane  
I like how the shadow
continues the line

" Sometimes life 
has a way of putting us 
on our backs
 to force us 
to look up.”  
                      Charles L. Allen 

Activity Up High

" Do just once
 what others say 
you can't do,
 and you will never
 pay attention to 
their limitations again. "
                                James R. Cook

Flying Dumpster

Swinging High

"All growth is
 a leap in the dark, 
a spontaneous, 
unpremeditated act
 without benefit 
of experience. "
                 Henry Miller

Keep in Perspective

" Life is a tragedy 
when seen in close-up, 
but a comedy 
in long-shot. " 
                      Charlie Chaplin

Here is an interesting short slide show
of men up high constructing the crane!

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Thank You
For Reaching!
             Fondly, cloudia