Monday, May 27, 2013

Great Photo Ops / Street Musicians Hawaiian Style

A   L   O   H   A  !
Lots to see by clicking on this photo:
" When you play, 

never mind 

who listens to you."

 Robert Schumann

When I spotted 
the tourist boys above
with their first ukuleles, 
outside the music shop
in Waikiki,
I knew it was a
Wonderful Photo
waiting to be ruined.

How I Operate
in such a situation

Walk on Past

I faced away from them,
just one of many camera toting
people in a resort.

I decided on my settings,
a bit of zoom,
swept the area,
camera to my eye,
pausing, and snapping
JUST in time
to catch the above.

They never knew
what hit them!

I rush to add:
we are all photographed
numerous times a day
in public places.

That is modern life,
under law.

my rules are:
1) to make no one
2) to present no one
in a way
that would embarrass
should we become
(this happened to me
on FB
when I photoed/posted 
beach shot 
of a cute girl!
A mutual friend saw it!
Don't worry,
she loved it
and friended me.
So don't play 
with these rules.)

Those boys 
are in a great 
Hawaii Tradition.

Perhaps some day
they will be like
these senior citizens
playing and singing
at Ala Moana 
Shopping Center:

The Hawaiian Flag 
on the back of the T Shirt,
the red/white Palaka pattern
 on the guitar man,
and the Longs bag
are all iconic!
Note the lap-played
steel guitar.
Palaka stands for
like "Blue Collar"
does on the Mainland.
both cloths and
seem to be fading
along with unions
and average
throughout America.
More about Palaka HERE

One day, Siddhartha heard
an experienced musician
teaching young musicians:

" If you tighten the string
too much
it will snap
and if you
leave it too slack,
it won't play."

Suddenly, Siddhartha realized
that these simple words
held the great truth,
and that in all these years
he had been following
the wrong path.
We call him Buddha.
This post dedicated
to ALL Creative People!

to a dear friend
who brought the
to musicianship
where they are 
flourishing in
fun and confidence.

My friend is a sly dog,
knowing that each note 
they play 
throughout life
will not only 
bless them
and others,
but bring up
sense memories,
heart memories,
of the one
who started
it all
for them.

for being
my friend;
which is 
another word
for "Blessing"