Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama Accomplishments

A L O H A !

"The facts are always friendly, 
every bit of evidence one can acquire, 
in any area,
leads one that much closer
to what is true.  "

Carl Rogers

" This is one of those cases
in which the imagination
is baffled by the facts.  "
Adam Smith 

" I am a firm believer in the people.
If given the truth, 
they can be depended upon
to meet any national crisis.
The great point
is to bring them the real facts.  "

Abraham Lincoln

" Facts 
are stubborn things.  "

Ronald Reagan

" For a nation that is afraid
to let its people judge the truth
and falsehood 
in an open market
is a nation that is afraid
of its people.  "

John F. Kennedy

/ )
"A little bird told me"

In two years our President has:

1. Averted a scary, world-wide economic melt down
that started before he entered office.
Most reputable economists agree this is a fact,
and that his leadership was key.

2. Saved the US banking, auto, and insurance industries
and all the jobs associated with them
at minimal cost to tax payers.
GM is selling tons of cars in China today!

3. Overhauled the US health system
in a way that CBO says will:
increase access to healthcare
while reigning in costs.
This has been an unsolvable problem
for decades.
Young adults starting out
can now stay on their parents' insurance
for a few years longer.

4. Killed Osama Ben Lame.
Make no mistake,
if the mission had failed,
the President's critics would ride it
every DAY!

5. Imposed tough new rules of the road
on the financial industry.
Credit card companies 
can no longer raise your rates
without 90 day notice.
And they have to show you how long
it would take to pay them off
at 'minimum payments'
AND what you actually pay them in
plain English.

6. He has the overwhelming respect
of our allies.

7.  He ended "Don't ask - don't tell."
Bringing our excellent military
into this century,
and aligning our policy
with our best allies.

8. Made respect & care of military families
HIS family's priority.
He pays his respects
to the fallen and their families
OFF camera.

9. Honorably wrapping up two wars
that he did not start.

10.  He did all this while facing
unprecedented personal attacks,
much economic fear in this nation
and in the world, and
unreasoning partisanship
that would like to see him,
our President-
and all of us along with him-

Let's discuss facts,
like the steady rise
of children in poverty
in this nation.

There is much to be done.

If you cannot help,
at least stop slinging mud
on those doing their best
for US !

Please let us know what YOU think in comments-
Warmly, cloudia

" -we're hardwired
not to always think clearly
when we're scared.
And the country's scared.  "

Barack Obama