Sunday, August 31, 2014


A  L  O  H  A !
" The glow 
of one warm thought
is to me 
worth more
 than money. "
                      Thomas Jefferson

“ I touched the moon last night;
a golden glow beyond my grasp.
Eons before me it rested there.
It will remain when I am dust.
My hand now glows 
from the embrace. . .
I touched the moon last night.” 
                              Craig Froman

" The loveliest of faces
 are to be seen
 by moonlight, 
when one sees half 
with the eye 
& half 
with the fancy. "
                            Persian Proverb

Thank You
          Fondly, cloudia

Willow Mill Park "Under the Roller Coaster"

A    L    O    H    A  !

" If the 
only prayer you said 
was 'thank you'
that would be 
enough. "
                        Meister Eckhart 

". . . it takes a life 
to learn how
 to live. "
                     Jonathan Safran Foer 

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“ I have learned that
if you must leave a place
that you have lived in 
and loved 
and where all your 
are buried deep, -

" leave it any way 
except a slow way,
 leave it 
the fastest way 
you can. -

" Never turn back
 and never believe
 that an hour you remember
 is a better hour
 because it is dead. 

Passed years seem safe ones, 
vanquished ones, 
while the future lives
 in a cloud,
 formidable from a distance. ” 
                       Beryl Markham, 
                               " West with the Night "


our memories are
We walked to school
in 40 feet of snow
every day!

Summer afternoons
were centuries long;
Ice cream was sweeter.

Heck, maybe it was.

In Annie Hall
Woody Allen remembers
growing up in a house
under a roller coaster!
[You can see it HERE]

I have 
roller coaster memories 
too. . .

My high school boyfriend's
(I wrote about Carl Here)
older brother played lead guitar
in a band. After hearing me
play my flute, "Chopper"
invited me to be in the band.
We played every weekend
in a bar in Maryland.

So every weekend,
Carl and I rode the Reading Railroad
out to Mechanicsburg PA 17050.

The girl lead singer
had a house
directly across the street
from a sweet, small time
amusement park called
"Willow Mill Park" Link.

We practiced for hours 
and slept at her house,
and during our breaks
we walked across the small 
residential road
to take rides on the 
Red Streaker!

That exciting name 
hardly describes
the rickety, old & small
ride we knew. Of wood,
as I recall.
Shook all the wrong notes
right out of my fingers!

Sounds like a made-up
story, a scene in a comedy,
a Fellini film,
or an outright 
bald-faced lie,
but I assure you 
it's true.

Thank YOU
 for Bellying Up
to our Tall Tale
table today!
Care to share one?
                     Fondly, cloudia

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Saturday Critter

A  L  O  H  A !



“Then turn not pale, beloved snail, 
but come and join the dance.”
 Lewis Carroll

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Thank YOU
            Warmly, cloudia

Remember: “By perseverance the snail reached the ark.”
 Charles H. Spurgeon 

Whatever it is you're seeking

A  L  O  H  A !
Chocolate toothbrush
Johnny Appleteen
follows the moon
in search of a queen
swallows lies
 if you know what I mean
splits the difference nicely
living on beans

Green Green 
A Chorus of 

Public Display
 of Vegetal Affection

" Always be 
a first-rate version 
of yourself, instead of 
a second-rate version 
of somebody else. "
                  Judy Garland

At this rate
who ELSE
am I fit to be?!

" Whatever it is you're seeking
won't come 
in the form you're expecting. "
                           Haruki Murakami


Thank YOU
for exploring the 
Wondrous Nonsense
with us today!
                     Warmly, cloudia

Friday, August 29, 2014


A  L  O  H  A !  
Sincerely by The Moonglows on Grooveshark Click on Photos
" Insincerity
 is always weakness; 
even in error
 is strength. "
          George H. Lewes

Hard Working Young Woman

 " A friend 
is a person 
with whom I may
 be sincere. 
Before him
 I may think aloud.” 
         Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hurrying Tugboat / US Coast Guard
maintaining navigation buoys 

"I'm from the government,

and I'm here to help."
"I sincerely believe 
that banking establishments 
are more dangerous 
than standing armies" 
Thomas Jefferson 
USA Co-Designer,
USA President,
University Founder


2 in 1: Fishing boat &
  surfers [to the right]
" Nothing in the world 
is more dangerous 
than sincere ignorance. "
           Martin Luther King, Jr.

Waikiki Morning / Construction Fence

“Truly appreciate
 those around you, 
and you'll soon find 
many others around you. 
Truly appreciate life, 
and you'll find 
that you have 
more of it.
Ralph Marston


Thank YOU Sincerely!

                 Warmly, cloudia

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Successful Acorns

A  L  O  H  A 
" Successful people are

 always looking for opportunities 

to help others. -

- Unsuccessful people are

 always asking,

 'What's in it for me?' "

                Brian Tracy

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" The ungrateful one
 is like a hog 
under a tree eating acorns,
 but never looking up 
to see 
where they come from. "
                                        Timothy Dexter

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Early Morning Paddle

A  L  O  H  A !
" I'm a very early riser, 
and I don't like to miss 
that beautiful 
early morning 
light. "
                 David Hockney

“I hear lake water lapping 
with low sounds by the shore. . . .
I hear it in 
the deep heart's core.”
                   William Butler Yeats

There is more to life
 than increasing it's speed." 
                        Mahatma Gandhi

" Loud
gush the streamlets, 
but great rivers
 flow silently. "

" Adopt 
the pace of nature:
 her secret
 is patience. "
                 Ralph Waldo Emerson

" True happiness...
 arises, in the first place, 
from the enjoyment
 of one's self. "
Joseph Addison

" Be still like a mountain
 and flow like a great river. "
 Lao Tzu

Thank YOU
for floating by!
             Warmly, cloudia

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A B C's of a Day

A  L  O  H  A !
 Sunset  Angel

 Garden Gnome

 Soaring Rainbow

Bring  It  Home!


" You will never be happy 
if you continue to search 
for what happiness 
consists of. 
You will never live 
if you are looking for 
the meaning of life. "
Albert Camus

" I don't believe 
people are looking 
for the meaning of 
as much as they 
are looking for 
the experience 
of being alive. "
Joseph Campbell

Thank YOU
for looking
           Warmly, cloudia

Birds of a Feather

A  L  O  H  A !
"A dream you dream 
is only a dream. 
A dream you dream
is reality. "
              John Lennon

( )
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Thank You
                    Warmly, cloudia

Monday, August 25, 2014

What the Angel Said - Over 50

is not a mountain.
You needn't feel
"Over the hill."

It's more of a plateau.

You're born looking up
looking ahead
to this climb.

You head for the landmarks
you recognize:
Growing, Graduation, Gratification.

Much of what we pursue
is illusion.

With each one dispelled
or realized
we become more than we were,
yet more ourselves.

Our perspective changes
with altitude.

Nothing is as it seemed
when we get there.

Often it is much MUCH
than we could ever know.

Now that I have achieved
the journey over the lip
of what can be glimpsed
by those under 50.
I see not a decline
down some other side
but a delightful raising path
towards lovely mystery.

If the Unknown
can be called lovely.

The harsh sun of midday
so suited to the work I had to do
does not penetrate here.

The atmosphere is gentle,
even if unknowns lurk about,

Oh there is work to be done
but with urgency removed.
I do not want to eat up miles,
but to savor my steps.

Each stage of life
has its tasks and compensations
and I intend to enjoy 
ALL of mine!

Age is a gift
to those who can
accept it.

You deserve ALL
Good Things, Friend-
That is my wish for
                Warmly, cloudia