Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hawaii Common Wonders

A  L  O  H  A !
" Art is 
the concrete 
of our most 
subtle feelings. "
                           Agnes Martin

Sperm Whale Aglow [with Calf] 
" All good work
 has magic in it,
 and addresses the mind 
in a subtle way. "
                          Duane Michals

And Take Your Yellow With You!
" A very subtle 
 can make the picture 
or not. "
            Annie Leibovitz

Clouds are
Airborne Cities of Droplets
" Rain is grace; 
rain is the sky 
descending to the earth; 
without rain, 
there would be no life. "
                             John Updike

Pixie Say:
Fascinating, Cloudia!

Say, Did You Ever Notice
How   L-O-O-NG    
My Forelegs Are?


Another Scintillating Day
of Ordinary Wonders

Thank YOU
for making it Special
                          Warmly, cloudia